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Html, echo ; else echo ;. I think youve got it wrong in at least one respect. You are correct in that there are certain things that I would have to do before I could even talk to you normally about anything, but you are also right in that I do want to talk to you. Ive spent a long time studying and memorizing everything that we do, for my own mental health, and now the time has come to put everything together. Ive read through all of your papers as weve spoken and your paper on the NRP is more or less my thesis, so I need to look at it and work out my questions. Im hoping you cant wait around and help me with that. Or at least I hope you can, but if you cant Ill find something else to do on my own as I have already taken the tests so I can get a good rating. I am not worried about the practical, but again Ive read through everything I can about that as well, and while it is good practice for the practical, there are things about it that I need to study for. The problem is that this all means Im going to have to get up now. Your work is scheduled to be done in 2 hours, so I really need to be up by then. Thank you for all youve done, but Im going straight to my bedroom now and will be sleeping in the examination room tonight. I understand that Ill have to start over from square one with what youve given me, but Ill be fine on my own. While youre still reading your papers, Charlotte makes the short walk to the door looking a bit unhappy and tells you, Sorry, but I have to go to the bathroom. So you wait, you dont hear anything, but you can sense that Charlotte is now in the bathroom. As shes about to leave again, you hear her door open and close, and thats when you know. You hear footsteps going up the stairs, and as you hear them you walk over to see who it might be. Im happy to see youve made progress, she says. Well, Im happy because I know you can do better than you have so far, she.

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