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As a former Afghanistan policy officer, I can tell you all those reasons are just as relevant today as they were when the world thought of Afghanistan as a no go area. Yes, there are certainly many examples of theocracy in other parts of the world. But in countries with strong liberal constitutions, the Constitution is the primary obstacle to the abuse of power. Our Constitution is designed to limit the power of government, not empower it. I can think of no better example of that than the Iran deal. M not sure they can avoid. I just hope that my actions have been worth the price. Re just trying to get a sense of his overall perspective on the nature and role of corruption in our government This is a little harder to parse from what he sent me. It starts out with the usual caveats about the importance of separation of powers, and how Trump should focus on that instead of the Russia issue, which is a distraction. He then proceeds to go on a lengthy tangent about Iran:For the past several decades the United States has been a party to an agreement with a government that maintains an unelected military dictatorship in Iran. This government is theocratic, and in the eyes of many, the worst regime since the Ottoman Empire. This government follows a strict interpretation of religious law and a strict interpretation of the teachings of the same religion. It engages in various forms of torture and has a long history of violating basic rights of its citizens and other countries. The United States government is obligated under the Constitution to uphold the same values of freedom of religion and freedom of speech that are practiced in Iran. I believe that the United States should hold an unbiased investigation into the Uranium One deal. I will not accept that the people of Iran have committed the atrocities depicted on those YouTube videos that purport to show the ongoing Iran-Iraq War. I believe we should hold those responsible accountable for committing those atrocities. He then goes on to say that the deal is bad because President Obama signed it, not because of any particular reason. T say whether he thinks the people who brokered the deal should be brought to justice or not. In the end, he says the deal is bad because he believes the Iranians are a bad actor, and the Iranians are a bad actor when it comes to the world.

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