Theocracy, government by divine guidance or by officials who are regarded as divinely guided…

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In fact, you have to say, its been an excellent year. You take a deep breath and head to the bedroom. You dont actually sleep very well, but for the most part when youre awake, this is the way you prefer to spend your time. You dont want to think about whats to come. When you get to the bedroom, you find the three of you in a comfortable position. You and Wendy are talking about a lot of other things, though. So, is it really true what they told me yesterday. They say they know whats going to happen to you in the coming hours and days. They say you have to pick a side, or youll be doomed. When youre out of their sight, youll have no choice but to go and live with your family, which will be in that part of the world of that religion. Then youll stay here until the end comes, unless you choose a different side. You and Wendy both look at each other, then back to the TV again. Well be here all day, probably until nightfall. Then, the time to wake up will be, and well watch another episode of the show thats on now. I suppose theres nothing I can do besides try to remain calm, you say. But I would like to know what Im facing. And the only thing we can do is play it. You can leave me the hell out here. I can sleep all day, and Ill still be awake when the sun rises. I can watch whatever TV I want to, I can eat whatever food I want to, I can drink whatever water I want to. Ill even be able to sleep in my bed with no one the wiser. You start to say something else, but Wendy interrupts you. Wait, you want me to go and run to my family.

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