Theocracy, government by divine guidance or by officials who are regarded …

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The theocracy, Theocracy, Government, by Divine Commander or by Gods Command. In all theocracies, the government iss by the will of the peoples initiated by.

If thats the case, then God would be in charge of both the government and the priesthood. But I dont believe in God or He would not be in charge of the government. In any case, Ive had more then enough of your godless ways. If there IS a god, I dont care who it is or HOW hesheit is supposed to be doing it, but I am willing to give you my life to rid the world of your kind. I hope, whatever god that is, it keeps you as far away from this world and all those who live in it as possible. You leaveYou see no longer have any place for you in this world. You wish you had kept your religion to yourself for your own sake. As you walk away, another group of soldiers arrives. We know youre here, you know, by the smell. You must be one of the ones who came this way when we were sent to bring the people back to their homes. But no, you cant go in there. You frown and raise your hand slowly, but one of the soldiers takes you by the shoulder and holds you firmly. No one gives you a hard time, as you go through the entrance and you follow the soldier to a different room where you are met by a man who is also clearly a citizen of the Kingdom of the Two Moons. David has his royal guards at his side and you are ushered into his study while he sits behind a desk and looks up briefly with a frown. His voice is as calm as ever, but there is an edge in it. This is the same man who has killed your family, destroyed your home, and destroyed your life and he is now standing before you. Im guessing some of your people came to me as a last resort, a last resort to get you to leave. And well, I am willing to help, but that wont be necessary. Forgive me for my rudeness, but it seems as if Im stuck with you. You nod, but you know they wont. Now, Ive been told you killed my family years ago. I can even understand why you felt the need to do it. But I cant help but think that you could have done it without using such power.

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