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Thats the first time my ears had not gotten warm and I was really tired, so I was really not thinking anymore. I was just listening and then I heard it clear and loud World and I fell asleep again. You continueWhen I woke up again, I was in a white room with a light above me, it was a bed and a table with the world map and some papers. It was also a window on the outside and in the window there was a woman, wearing a blue dress, and carrying a small black bag. When I looked closer she was not a woman but a woman dressed in man, but the face was human, but her clothes and bag looked like those of a woman. The woman in man was glaring at me, and so was the blue dress woman. As I could neither scream nor cry, I just stared at her, and then she also stared. I could not see anything except her eyes, but at the time not much else happened. You continueAfter a while, the blue dress lady was looking at me and she was also wearing a blue dress like the world map. When I looked at the world map, I understood, I was in a world like that. You continueIt was the world of the people, and most of the people did not know how to use guns. I did not know if it was a war or something, but I was not able to do anything except watch and listen to the world. The army did not even ask to kill me. The blue dress lady and I had an argument, though I could not understand why. M not able to do anything and so have a lot of money. You told me a few things, however. She looked at me and sighed, then she put her.

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