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You dont do itI dont want to do it, I wont do it, but that doesnt mean the other shows wont. Okay, but you cant say you werent warned. Im giving you a week, I dont want to hear anymore about it, Im not going anywhere. Thats okay, I had a big day today and tomorrow is a rest day. Fine, but you really have to do your homework today, Ill let you know if you need any extra help, maybe you could just skip the last two weeks. A week passes and you still dont take any action. Well Im just trying to do my best, even if the big shot over theres judging me. Okay, Ill let you know if I need anything. Good, Ill let you know if we need anything. You dont hear anything for two weeks. Ill let you know if we need anything. You really arent sure, but youre sort of hoping the week isnt ending at all. You go to your motherThere is something very familiar about getting this message, you think this must be from your mother. Youre about to call her back, but then you dont really know how to go about that. Hello, Im sorry I havent been in contact with you for as long as I hoped, Ive had many things going on. You call your mother backHello, I really think you should accept the job, Ive tried to let you know about any new opportunities that arise and Ill let you know if anything changes. Im sorry, but I dont have time to help you, I am very busy. Thats okay, Ill let you know if anything changes, just dont leave any messages now, for whatever reason. Okay, Ill let you know if anything changes, I love you. You hang up, you really really.

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