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But that grew to 98 years after the bomb. The bomb reduced the area population to only 3 of its original level. You dont save the worldYou could have made the world a safer place. You could have prevented some of the horror that has occurred and still made your mark on the world. Maybe you made your mark on it too big. You couldnt save your friends, you couldnt save the girl. You ran for what remained of your life, and you ran for many years after that. The world looked a lot different from what it had looked before the bomb. You time to goYou stood on the edge of a cliff. With your feet, you looked down and saw the world below and the destruction around you. What would life look like with or without you. The wind blew the snowflakes into your eyes. The ground was cold and wet, with no signs of life. With your hands, you grabbed the tree trunk that was nearby and you looked up. You had no choice, but to go. With each step, you felt the weight of the sky above you. You could see the clouds that hung and formed the sky. You cant go through the skyYou didnt have the strength to climb upwards into the heavens. There were too many clouds that would cover you as the sky opened up above you. There was nothing but the open sky and the mountain in the distance. You looked upwards and felt the wind blow your hair. Your hair was wet and your eyes were burning. The wind was cold and snow blew against your face. You looked at the ocean and couldnt believe how empty it looked, and how strange it was. You didnt know what it was, but you started to blink as light covered you from the side.

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