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The United Nations, Canada and the United Nations, Canada Association are partner organizations. Canada, its time for this fucked up nation to end. Its never been a better time to fight for your independence and your liberty. Canada, you can have a better name than Canada. Canada, were not going to let this fucked up nation end like this mess of a nation did in the past. They are not sure what they would do immediately but when they hear you might be willing to talk to them and convince them to leave the United Nations, then maybe they will. Well wed like to stay on and give ourselves a chance at rebuilding but we need to decide what is best for us for the future. So how about we get together in a big group and come up with new plans for how we would like to live. Where we would best be able to do things. And how we are going to get to new places on our journeys too. You, Victoria and the rest of her family and others from the other countries speak to each other in a way to get along and build mutual respect. You all decide who your new leader will be. While some were against you being in charge, now the majority are in favor. As for you, you just go with the plan and get some rest after having slept for years. What you should have done, though, is go on the journey alone because it would be more rewarding and interesting to see the places you plan to reach. Well its time to get back to work and get this country turned around. You, Victoria, the other leaders from the other countries and.

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