The ‘tried and tested’ time-saving hack to deep clean your microwave – ‘no scrubbing’

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Cleaning and maintaining the home is important in helping to get rid of dirt and bacteria. Although, it can often be seen as a chore and certain jobs are avoided for as long as possible. To help homeowners keep on top of their cleaning this spring, one expert has shared areas of the home which can be cleaned in just “five minutes”.

With millions of people saying they’re simply too busy to clean, the cleaning team at shopping app Cherryz have shared their top time saving hacks and expert tips with for the speediest spring clean yet. 

Deep clean the microwave using lemons

The exeprts said: “This hack really is tried and tested and is guaranteed to leave your microwave sparkling in a matter of minutes. 

“Plus, the best part is it requires virtually no scrubbing and you can get on with other jobs while the microwave’s running.”

Cleaning expert Matthew Harrison at PriceYourJob shared his go-to method.

He said: “Simply place a bowl of water with a lemon cut in half and pop it on full power for about five minutes – the steam will clean the inside.” 

“Wipe down the insides straight away while it’s warm and moist, as this is what makes it easy to clean away food debris and grease.

Begin with the easiest room

Cleaning one room at a time is a well known technique to stay on track and save time cleaning. 

The cleaning experts said: “Go one step further and start with the easiest room on your list to avoid losing steam early on. 

“You’ll be whizzing through each room in no time and the feeling of accomplishment will spur you on even more.”

Make a to-do list

Keeping a to-do list is an easy way to stay motivated and shave time off any spring cleaning session. 

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In fact, Matthew recommended that Britons begin with the easy tasks. 

He said: “Start the list with a couple of easy tasks, so you can cross a few off quickly. 

“If there’s a lot to do, use a notepad with tear-off sheets and make a short list on each page for each room.” 

Spray and walk away

Cut the scrubbing time in half simply by leaving cleaning products to soak and work their magic.

Simply spray the product and leave it. 

In the meantime homeowners can tackle any smaller jobs on your list and come back to it in 10 minutes or so. 

Matthew advised using the spray and leave method on things like “oven doors and racks, baths and tiles”.

He added: “Always check the labels as there are a few things you shouldn’t spray and leave”.

Don’t let the cleaning build up so much for next time

It’s easier said than done, but it really will save heaps of time spent cleaning in the long run. 

Matthew suggested: “Draw up a manageable weekly cleaning plan and include a reward scheme. 

“That could be buying yourself a bunch of flowers or a box of chocolates for each week you stay on top of the plan.” 

The cleaning team at Cherryz said: “We’ve seen lots more people interested in keeping their home clean and stocking up on cleaning products in the last couple of years. 

“The rise of cleanfluencers like Mrs Hinch have played a huge part here. 

“However, you don’t need to spend hours on end or a fortune on expensive cleaning tools to achieve a clean and tidy home, and these hacks prove just that.”

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