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Orion ArmThe following is a list that contains all of the NPCs found in Destiny. This is by no means an exhaustive list, but it helps to get an overview of some of the NPCs. Security Chief, Nightfall, formerly, Locations EditCrucible EditGlimmer, a rogue ex-employee of the Nightfall Enforcers, was working in the Hall of Guardians alongside his old colleagues on the Dreadnaught. He was eventually killed by the Guardians, who had come in to clean up the mess. Trivia EditDuring the nightfall raid, the raid will become a questline, and will show the Nightfall: Assault on the Dreadnaught achievementtrophy. Nightfall Enforcers are the name of a gang of crime bosses found in New York, from the 1930s-1940s. They were also voiced by DiMaggios real life brother, John DiMaggio Sr. Appearances EditNightfall Enforcers appear in the following Destiny activities:Gallery EditAs a young woman, Susan Sontag found herself drawn to the writings of the French novelist Simone de Beauvoir. Sontag had just finished teaching French literature at Columbia University and was asked by a friend to review a biography of the novelist that appeared in the Village Voice. De Beauvoir never met Sontag or read the review, but in the years that followed, they would become close and correspond on a number of literary topics. In 1968, Sontag published a collection of essays under the pseudonym Lillian Hellman, with Hellman as the primary author. The collection was a critical and financial failure, but it generated an astonishingly early response from the critic Harold Bloom, who praised the work of the punchy young author whose name and reputation have grown with the swiftness of a star. The two women would soon share a central relationship. In 1971, when Sontag was forty-three, Hellman became a friend and fellow writer, and began living in Sontags Brooklyn apartment. In her early years of friendship, Sontag often described Hellman as the other woman in their friendship. In retrospect, it is hard to imagine that, given the many other women who also occupied Sontags space, the woman on the opposite side of the door could have not only been a frequent visitor but also one of the most important figures in her life for much of her life. And yet there was something about this particular woman who was so different from.

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