The process of the scientific method involves making conjectures, hypotheses deriving predictions from …

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Some of the variables in your hypothesis might be substitutions, as in: a-b c-d e-f g. Other variables might be additions, as in: a b c d e f g h. A-fSome of the variables might be files with comments, as in: ab;Some of the variables might be ASCII art or music, as in: abbdSome of the variables might be a math formula, as in: ab 5Some of the variables might be a string of text, as in: absu00a1bu00d4ab 7bbbu00a1bu00d4ab 7bbbAnd so on.

In other words, since you arent going to be able to think up a natural explanation of the whole thing, youre going to have to fall back on the scientific method in order to figure out what is going on. Let me guess, you werent involved in the experiments in which the children became different people. You can call me lucky you caught on to that before I did. So Im guessing, you think that the Experiment failed. There were moments I thought to myself, I know I shouldnt have done that, but. So my actions caused the Experiment to die. If I had known that you were going to be so. So close, I would have done things differently. But the circumstances were such that I couldnt avoid it. Well the experiment was a failure, but in the end it was only a temporary failure. We could have continued to function, and in a few days we might have had a child. Whatever happened, what happened here was a failure of a different sort. If this experiment had worked, it would have been a lasting success. But alas, it wasnt to be, and that was what caused the experiment to fail. I tried to make sense of the experiment, but I came up empty. So what youre telling me is that you were trying to figure out how to bring a child into this world. What I have attempted to do is make sense of what happened, but the facts are the facts: I tried to bring a child into this world and failed. You try your best to explain it to himWell, that still doesnt explain all of it, but. Youre not like the computer, a computer that runs on a.

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