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The industry of the world is the one that can provide goods and services at the lowest cost. The companies work hard to minimize costs, and when these cost-reductions are not possible, by any means necessary, they need to make enough money to, in their industrys case, support their employees, produce and sell products, and, after all of that is done, they need to make enough profit to make a return on all of that effort. If a company, or, indeed, the government, is not making enough money, well then the company is going to have trouble paying taxes to the government. If a company, or government, is not making enough profit, well then they might not be able to pay for all of the things that they need. So when a company is not making enough profit, the companys leaders are going to look around and see what can be cut to make the company as profitable as possible. Of course, cutting things that are not important, but are, nevertheless, important, to the companys business might make the company less profitable. You, of course, dont have any idea where to start. Youve never cut costs either, and you dont know if you could. Youve never worked for a company before, and you dont know whats expected of you, so youre not sure what to cut. Your company is losing money, and youve not saved anything. You know that you cant keep the cost-cutting going forever, so you have to come to some choice. Its about time we took a look around, you might not have seen as much as you should have. Were a company of five, so lets get some of the little people to do the work. We can cut our losses and have a good laugh at the expense of our forester or something. Your boss looks at you curiously, he must really think youre crazy, since hes not nodding. In fact, he looks like he wants to retort, but you stop him. Were going to continue to lose money, but at least then we wont have to pay taxes anymore. You tell your boss that your plan is to cut back as much as possible. He looks at you as if hes just noticed youve been there the whole time, and he tells you that his company is planning on selling most of its land, and that he wants to have less people working there, so much that you wont even be needed there anymore. You dont say anything, and you get that sinking feeling everytime you see the forest.

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