The Persian Gulf is a mediterranean sea in Western Asia…

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The fact that you are being offered an area of real historical importance is very good news indeed. You tell Golfo to get dressed, then you put your back against the wall and look over the city from a distance, trying to see if you can spot any weak spots in it that might help you out. You see a few guards in their quarters; as you expected. You also see a few ships moored, though theyre not looking at you. You assume these are the ones that your crew is being given to patrol the coast and keep the pirates away. With that last bit of foreboding, you head back towards your quarters. Do you have any idea how expensive this trip is going to be. Oh a lot more than I thought it was going to be. S going to be bad luck for me if I get attacked by pirates. Maybe I should just stay here and rest. D better go earlier than later. Maybe you can take a walk around town. M sure there are a lot of ways to get around, this place was actually the first settlement it ever got settled in. T feel like doing anything during the day. Maybe I could at least lie down in a bed or something. Ve got some money on me right now, right. Re welcome to stay in the room over there if you want. You head over to the room and start to take a seat. S pretty comfortable and you can see a bed on the far left corner of the room. You say sitting down and then you turn your head.

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