The Orville is an American science fiction comedy-drama television series …

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Earth is a war-torn planet plagued by civil unrest and violent crime. New Earth has been divided into two worlds; a technologically advanced New Terra and a primitive, poverty-stricken world named New Utopia. A new voice in the fight against crime, Lord Business, has turned his attention to the planet New Utopia and plans to turn it into a peaceful paradise. When his first shipment of genetically modified lobsters is attacked by the New Utopians, Business decides revenge is in order and sends his robotic henchmen, the Rollerzabots, to retrieve the culprits so he can fix them with an Earth fix. To make matters worse, the Rollerzabots soon discover that New Utopia has a hard core pun trade and a drug trade unlike anything they have ever encountered. While the Rollerzabots try to solve their new problems, a group of criminals led by ruthless crime lord John Titor, call themselves the Ties. Together, this group of miscreants attempt to bring the Rollerzabots down while simultaneously trying to stop Titors drug trade. Tags: Animation, Comedy, Drama, Horror, Humor, Mature, Mystery, PoliticalGenre: AdventureProduction: FoxNotesThe episode was originally planned to be an original episode called The Ties. The episodes opening title card was originally going to read The Ties. A new opening title card was created, but never used, that featured some footage from the Ties episode along with a still from the Tuts4Kids film and a new title card with the opening titles The Ties from the old opening title card. This episode was also the first appearance of the New Utopia planet Nuclear Wasteland from the movie Firepower. CastSeth MacFarlane – Ed MercerAdrianne Palicki – Penny JohnsonAdrienne Barbeau – KateScott Grimes – NickJared Harris – FrankPenny Johnson – JaneEddie Cummings – JohnnyKate Micucci – MaryDylan Walsh – MikeScott Brick – BobJames Remar – NickJohn Titor – The ChairmanErik Adams – ColonelLloydRichard CrennaJohn GentryJeffrey LaFleurJohn MorrisMatt SmithMark ODonnellPeter CushingChristopher GaffneyMark McCallPeter MarstonRobert McDanielsMichael CappelloBrian HensonRobbie ThompsonTom WalkerSandy DennyJohn GribbinMichael J.

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