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Colin will appreciate a proposal from you in a good light. You begin to get a little tired before you finish. While it was pleasant enough to get to know Colin and his wife, it just was not enough. The only good thing was that Colin was a regular on a sports show that was not associated with whatever team Colin was a fan of. If this news report was about a celebrity, you might have enjoyed yourself for awhile, however, you were still dealing with a man you did not want to deal with, especially since you had just been thinking of him as Colin for the past year and a half. The only reason why you even bothered to call Colins number was because he did give you the address of a good restaurant. You were a bit disappointed that Colin did not leave better news, or at least a better offer of something you could do more of, but you were tired and the drive to the address was an hour long. You had to put your phone away and just think Colin and you would have no problems remembering where you had seen him for the better part of a week. When you get to the address, there is a small mailbox. You did not pay for it, so you do not have a signature on the slip of paper with a request like the previous one you had received. In any case, you could just leave the envelope and your car would deliver the letter. You also have to write a little description in your own hand that you will remember Colins address. It must be something like:My name is your name here, and I am writing to decide to decide if I should take a job that better fits my talents. In addition to the salary that you have mentioned, I will take into consideration that when deciding my new position. I will be driving with you to wherever you are going next, so if you are ever in Chicago, then I might make it there and back. I expect that I will be given your business card and will be contacted if I am interested in anything related to your business in the future. I am also interested in the opportunity to work with your daughter; I know that you have a job that is of high level, so I would be happy to work with her as well as work full time with you. As you know my name is also on the FBIs Most Wanted List and I would be happy to be paid a substantial sum of money when I am able.

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