The North American Free Trade Agreement is a treaty between Canada, Mexico …

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Canada also benefits from the current trade restrictions, because. And Europe that we do, Canada would be the largest importer of American products in the world. Canada has become a dumping ground for the products of the United States. Some of the products that we import from Canada include tires, cement, corn syrup, milk, meat, cheese, butter, and lumber. Canada has a larger market in the United States than the United Kingdom, and a larger market than France. This loss of trade would be even greater if we had an agreement with the European Union or Japan. NAFTA has had a detrimental effect not only on Canada, but our domestic industry. Many small manufacturers have been driven off their farms, and the jobs they supported have been lost. The United States is losing millions of jobs due to the loss of production to foreign competition. Many industries, such as auto manufacturing, plastics, textiles, and meat packing, have lost jobs to foreign competition. The United States has been losing thousands of skilled, high-paying manufacturing jobs and replacing them with low-wage workers on temporary contracts. The loss of these manufacturing jobs is resulting in a loss of tax revenue and increasing our national debt. Trade policy has been very detrimental to the American people and is the main reason why our manufacturing employment is on decline. We need to adopt an agenda of open trade. We can do this by allowing the United States, our trading partner, to compete in our own internal market with a minimal of tariffs. We need to negotiate a free trade agreement with your country. We can negotiate a free trade agreement with your country. We can also negotiate a free trade agreement with the U. I know the people who run these government institutions appreciate the opportunity to bring back our great country. With a free trade agreement, the United States will enjoy a greater advantage vis-a-vis foreign competition. This will create more jobs and higher quality of life. Sincerely yours,Donald TrumpIn another sign of its increasing influence, the Islamic State has begun to attack Iraqi Christians.

Article about What is nafta