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So you grab the remote and turn it to Channel 5, then press play. You pick a show, you pick a game in which you have little familiarity, and you start playing. This is just what you needed, and you find yourself instantly engrossed, until it suddenly occurs to you that you dont actually know anything at all about these things. Oh, my God, I cant believe Im actually doing this. Im a crossword puzzle expert, and I cant even remember the games I play on my TV in my own room, let alone crosswords. You pick a show that you dont really know much about. Its not even a horror show, just some mystery show about some murder, but then there isnt much horror on TV these days. A few hours later, your brain is aching, and youre starting to have second thoughts. Im ready when you are, so just start it, Codycross says. You wait patiently, even though youre not really sure whats going on. You arent sure if there is an ending to this, or if Codycross is some sort of genius that knows exactly when youre ready. You wait for Codycross to finish, then try to solve the puzzleYou just cant believe that Codycross can do all this. I need you to sit down, and let me explain what to do. So, lets go over the rules, and then Ill tell you everything you need to know. Codycross gives you a small notebook filled with handwritten instructions, and a pencil. You go over the rules one more time. You put your pen down, take the pencil and start to read the instructions over again. Codycross slides a pen from his pocket, and opens up a small notebook to show you a list of letters and numbers. Right here:V: AR: SO: RT: UY: WI: HN: CG: PYou flip to the first letter and read it over.

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