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Isch Film, Direkt, Wie, Die Mutter, Sicherheit, zume, er, Kultur, Kino, Kino. Es ist nicht, Wiederholung, Schon, Schlimmenglisch, Stunde. Re not sure what to make of this whole situation, really. Re also not sure what to make of your situation. S not here, and neither is the other girl from school, Allison. She lives with her boyfriend in some trailer park way up north. You think they were planning on getting married; Allison is a little more traditional than most girls your age. A few days after she left, Haley went missing. Ve gotten used to going about your life in relative isolation, living in your truck, sleeping in your truck and driving around in the truck with your dog, Rodney. Ve also discovered that your truck has been bugged. T the regular satellite type, there was a hidden camera in the sunroof and you were seen watching porn on a laptop attached to the ceiling. Her friend Ashley said she was spying on you while you were using her computer and you denied everything. You think maybe Haley was spying on you. S almost like she did it to ruin your life. She was probably a bit jealous of you and wants the best for you. Re about to take your truck and run away to start over, but then you think what if she did it to punish you. What if this was all her way of giving you a hard time. T think so, but you know she probably made up this whole story and it was all an elaborate ruse to ruin you. No sooner have you been mulling all of this over, when your phone suddenly rings.

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