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Steve Carells character, Jack Donaghy, begins his morning talk show with the following statement: I know it seems like Im just jumping on the morning show bandwagon because its the hottest thing in cable land, but as everyone here knows Im half Native American. I mean I can barely speak proper English and speak about nothing except, you know, showbiz gossip, but that doesnt mean Im not a good storyteller. Anyhoo, just watch the show to see who Im going to be interviewing today. Nah, Steve shrugs, I get why these things are popular, but its a little insensitive. You know, we should do something to combat cultural appropriation. Steve looks a little pained for a moment, then he shrugs. Fine, I get it, he says, but I still gotta call it. So, uh, is there anybody youre looking forward to talking to, today. You look around to make sure nobody has any strong objections, but you cant think of anyone that would be a particularly good person to ask. She was always a little surprised when I was a kid, asking me what I wanted to do when I grew up, and I always said something in the arts. As soon as she heard I was doing a morning show, she got really excited, because she thought I was gonna be on TV, instead of cleaning house in the warehouse. But I dont really think I wouldve made it there with out the warehouse work. Anyway, I should be on this show in a minute, so I better be on my way. Steve calls to you as he continues to his car. You wave goodbye as you drive off, and you soon feel the sun sinking into the horizon, and the end of another day begins. Yeah, um, did you guys know were playing live with the Black Keys to start the week.

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