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He also frequently contributes to the public discussion about future fiscal policy. The Minister has a direct line of communication with the Chancellor and can speak with the chancellor on any subject which he d like to bring up. The Chancellor has the final say when it comes to major budget proposals and also takes direct action on most of them. The Minister is also a source of information to the public about current events. According to the laws the Minister is entitled to a salary of 12,500gold marks which is a yearly amount. It is quite possible that this salary would be decreased due to the fact that this man is a potential future prime minister. D probably have to go intoThe Department of the Secretary You transfer to the Department of the SecretaryYour salary can be increased by transferring to the Department of the Secretary where you would be earning a lower salary. S as if you had never left your home. You enter the Department of the SecretaryThe Department of the Secretary is located in the heart of the Netherlands at the State Secretariat. S the highest ranking government office and is responsible for all major national budget proposals, decisions, and actions. The Secretary of State is currently a fairly plain looking man with a bit of age, yet his face is as sharp as ever. He sits in a chair by his desk with an ink filled notepad in hand. There are a series of documents spread over several sheets. It opens up to another room and up the stairs you go. There is another door to your right with a small window. You notice a small table with a chair to one side. You turn to the left and enter into a room containing a single door, a small table with a chair on it, a bed and some sort of computer.

This article about Ministry of finance