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The Vikings have made 11 pro-sports entries in the NFL the. As he points at the TV, the words are not on its screenrather, they are not words at all. The words are not written in a language that you recognize in any way. The words are not in any language you know. It is not your first time seeing a word with its meaning displayed. You have seen strange things on televisionthings you are only beginning to comprehend, but the television has shown you things that cannot be unseen. And now, you have seen a word; an unfamiliar word that you have never seen before, and you are confused. It is difficult to make sense of it, let alone to speak it. You turn off the TV, and wait a moment. I have something to tell you, but first, Ill have to ask you a couple of questions. It is the first time you can recall that he is older than himself. You do not hesitate to answer: My daughter has recently moved back to her home. He frowns, as if you were not truthful enough. I assume she has gone off alone to look for food and water. In any case, I dont like to see girls in distress, and its her fault if she leaves without a companion. You follow him outside and down a few more stairs. You see the same familiar car parked under a roof light. The headlights are dim, and the cars engine is not running. Thats my daughters car, he says. He gets out of the car and hands you a small paper bag. They are the new ones she left for mejust take a look, and take a few with you. Take them to the laundromat, and bring back what you can. You do not ask why he needs your help because he never does. You take the clothes, and return only after getting the paper bag from the car. You take the papers from the bag, and quickly read them.

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