The law of increasing costs states that when production …

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As such, the production of item, of item,- becomes increasingly. You dont care about the law and your greed will get you in troubleNo matter how much you whine, no matter how much you point your finger at them, no matter how much you point to the law as a justification for your actions, they wont budge. All you know is youll get a chance to get out of this predicament in a year. You can either be the first one to escape or youll be in the way of your friends as they start building their new town. You really dont have much of a choice and you start to feel uneasy with the situation. You escape in the year that the law is enforcedYou dont want to be here anymore. But its too late and you have no other choice. Its best if you die right now so that someone else will come along with something more useful than you in the upcoming apocalypse. You head to the edge of town to escape the lawYou feel somewhat nervous with the situation, but you cant afford to stay in this building. There is no way you can run. Your only option is to be the first one out of this room. You quickly run as quickly as you can, then you collapse in a corner of the room and just wait for the apocalypse. You wait patiently for the end of the worldLife had gotten a little dull and routine until this point. You had to leave your house to go somewhere, you had to go to school, you had to get jobs, you had to eat and sleep. You havent had something like this before. You are ready to see if you can survive this. As the weeks pass by, the world is falling into disarray and anarchy and your new friend asks you to take a test because apparently he needs a few things to start his own community. You didnt even consider the possibility that you might not survive the apocalypse. How could you have known life would get so boring after all. You decide to take the test because you figure if you pass it, then you.

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