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You write, Human Development IndexWritten: Human Development IndexThe first letter of your answer, written with your cursive style, looks similar enough, but it is very different. You write, Human Development Index, on the paper in a hurry. The next question asks you to write what exactly is going on in a human body. The energy inside the body is, the oxygen, the nitrogen, the carbon. If you try very hard to remember everything that happens inside it, it will be very hard, even if you try. But you remember a feeling inside a human body, a physical thing. I remember a feeling inside the body and I recall several things. I think that the word, felt, is incorrect, you write. A sensation is what happens inside your body when a particular force or something touches. The feeling is something else which happens inside your mind, inside your mind. A sensation, you write, is not inside your mind. A sensation, however, is not inside my mind. Everything that you are, you do inside your mind. You cannot think anything else except inside your mind. The next question asks you how do you think about a problem. Here, you dont know how to explain the feeling. The next question asks how do you feel about a problem. The feeling, you write, I do not understand.

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