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The company is a small one, but it s one of the only chocolate manufacturers still making their products in the nation. As such, they ve recently become popular for their products. One of their products that is in high demand though is the Mama Pie brand. Its mainly been used in the past in Hershey Company gift packages and is a favorite among children. With a small town in Pennsylvania named Hershey, it seemed like a good place to start. The next morning, as the group left, you see the group heading into the town of Hershey. You look at the town and its still very much the same. Small, and run-down, but there still seems to be enough people to make you feel safe, and as usual, you have a warm feeling when you walk the streets. You hope your trip here goes well. The townYou keep walking, feeling like you really should stay out of the road. While youre walking, you keep thinking about the group you were with. While it had its good points, the group wasnt the most fun to be around. You keep picturing that same group, walking through the town. Re thinking of taking the train all the way across the country. Suddenly, you sense a presence behind you and turn around. T you have one of our free cookies. A couple of the girls, who just came in to get a snack, were giving away some of their treats. Sigh, Well, you know what they say, first they laugh at you, then they laugh with you, then they start kicking you and punching you in the face.

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