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The Ptolemaic-model is the only realistic model of planetary movement in the system. The Copernican model is the only model that supports geocentric theories. The Sun is a star, which is moving through space. Therefore, there is a solar system around it, and the Sun is in orbit around it. The moon is the only body that can block out the sky and the Sun from view. The sun revolves around the Earth because there is an immovable outer object that will block out the sky from view. And the sun moves around the Earth because the Sun is a star and because the moon makes up the sky in the form of the dark sky. If the moon were bigger, the sky could be seen. The earth revolves around the sun because it is a geocentric theory. So the geocentric theory is right, heliocentrism is wrong. The sun revolves around the Earth because the Earth revolves around the sun. If the Sun were a planet, geocentrism would be right. And the sun is a star, so the heliocentric theory is correct.

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