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The Greek Civil War was about the removal of the the last-king of-greece, and the Greek city-states. The Persian War was a war started by Cyrus the Great. Cyrus was from the city of Media and ruled there from its capital, Persepolis. Cambyses name means: born of the storm in the language of the Persians. The Greco-Persian War was a war started by King Darius of Persia in the age of Alexander the Great, in the years 333-323 B. It culminated in a victory of the Persians over the Greeks who for centuries had faced each other at sea, both sides having built mighty naval powers. Their naval power was so great that, for centuries, the two had fought with the deadly combination of boarding boarding actions, boarding torpedoes, boarding mines, boarding boarding aircraft, aided by the use of small submarines boarding ships and even small, fast naval warplanes. They had fought battles on land against the Greeks, but never a battle on water. Therefore, when Alexander the Great led a land campaign against the Greeks, many Persians were in his army. When Alexander died, he was succeeded by his son Philip I, who in turn passed the throne to his son Alexander the Great, who then died a year after his father. Alexanders generals, Smerdis the Chieftain and Ptolemy, son of Lagus, succeeded him. The next king, Demetrius the Cruel, refused to accept the rule of Alexanders successor, Philip II, and, in 318 B. C he sacked the city of Alexandria, and Alexanders son, Philip III, took it back. Demetrius ordered the burning of the library there, on the grounds that its knowledge might assist his enemies. Demetrius successor Ptolemy VI ordered the destruction of the temple of Amun-Re at Abydos, which was dedicated to Amun-Re, the Egyptian god of the sky. Philip VI sent an army across the Nile to occupy Memphis. Philip VI was also concerned about Ptolemy V, who had become increasingly paranoid. With this new foe in the midst of his empire, Philip VI, fearing for his life, made peace with Ptolemy V by offering him Egypt as a gift.

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