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Thats just the general part of it, you can also generate your own payment card numbers. This is very useful for some businesses, like for those that charge for purchases. You charge your cards directlyYou cant just give over your credit card information, you need to generate a one-time authentication code, which will then be used before the payment is actually made. This can be done with a combination of a bunch of different websites, but the easiest way is with a free website called CardFellow. Heres how you can do it with a free account:Enter in your contact information. Your one-time password will be sent to you in an e-mail to your specified address. You should receive an entry bar on the CardFellow website. The name you enter is what will show up in the payment box on the website and your card will be billed to you. The next step is to add your credit card details to your My Account area of CardFellow. Click the green Create One Time Password link and input a unique password for your card. Copy and paste that password into the New Login box. Youll then be prompted to enter your one-time password. Click the Create New Payment URL button. Enter the new URL into your browser and it should work. If youre having problems, try restarting your browser and checking your new one-time password for yourself. Itll take a few minutes to create this code. Remember, the more time you take, the more money youll save. In my next installment, Ill show how you can use one-time passwords to make online purchases, as well as some great freebie eBooks that will help you get started with a free online business. I havent ever been a big horror fan. I enjoyed some horror movies, but never a true horror film, and I was still waiting for the good horror film to come along. However, if I give you a little bit of what I think a good horror film would be like, I think youll be interested in what I put together. Also, if you have any opinions on the story, then please feel free to leave the details. And no I will not read or respond to flame posts on this forum.

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