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The presidential primary in 2020 to select the Democratic presidential.

Clinton campaign will be central organizer for the Clinton charity and foundation: campaign emailIn a bombshell development, the Clinton campaign confirmed in an email yesterday that it will be a central organizer for the Clinton Foundation in the Democratic primary. The email was released after a campaign staffer posted it on Twitter last night and sent it to over 200 people at 9:30pm EST last night. A message was posted in response to a tweet by the Hillary Clinton campaign saying that one of Clintons first steps as president will be to nominate a Supreme Court justice who will uphold Roe v. When asked by one recipient about Clintons campaign role in choosing the justices to vote on, the email reads:In terms of judicial appointments, we are absolutely going to be a central organizer for the Clinton Foundation and its work to promote global health and wellness, and we want to be helpful, consistent, and focused as we support this process. One source familiar with the Clinton campaign told The Daily Caller that the campaign has been planning the position for weeks and that they are going to help and make any case they can to promote the Clinton legacy. The Clinton campaign did not immediately respond to requests for comment. The Clinton campaigns fundraising operation was involved in a kerfuffle last week when emails released by.

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