The executive is the branch of government exercising authority in and holding responsibility …

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Re going to need something to help you remember things here. You have absolutely nothing to help you write down your thoughts in this situation. Perhaps you should just write it all down on a blank piece of paper and save it somewhere safe until you know how to sort your feelings out. You decide to do the journal in your safeThere is no need to risk everything on writing everything all down right here in your safe. You need to sort out your feelings before you can address them properly. You might have had some sort of relationship with Bobby or a strong bond with him that made you vulnerable to being the way you are now. This might also explain why you seem to be acting so strange and out of character on a regular basis. Even the events of the day before arent surprising to you anymore. T think about it too much more, you need to just think about something else. M coping better than I ever have in my life and this family as a whole is too. M here and that I got to spend the last decade with you and how much the past ten years with you have meant to me. You look around the room as you write this down and then finally give it to Bobby. He then starts to say something, but you immediately interrupt him. You reply as you start to finish your journal. Soon after you finish you turn around and walk out of the room just like you arrived. You walk to the door and the door shuts behind you. T linger outside waiting for Bobby to return.

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