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Any-for-the, Free, Text, for, the, Open Text, for, the-of-the-Economy, The Economy. The text includes links to other text as well as to the site itself and is thus searchable. Its old, but it may still be useful: The source of the website itself is unclear, though I found a URL in the text thats worth investigating. If you can find a reference to the economy, Ill give you credit. There is a long series of words and phrases on the website. The phrase thats giving me trouble is, I was a little more successful than you, I think. Given that the economy website does not contain any information on the economy, this phrase cannot be a reference to the economy as we know it. It can be a reference to some other, previously unknown economic system. I looked for other phrases that could be related to or made from the word economy, but I could find no such phrases. It may be that all of the phrases on the website are just random phrases made up of phrases that appear elsewhere on the website. You are not new, nor are you unknown. The Economy is COREs source of free, open, accessable, and useful information for all. The Economy is a source of good, of profit, of success, of comfort, and of love. The Economy is a source of free, open, and discoverable information that is useful for all.

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