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The recent trade war between the US and China, and the fact that the world economy now relies on cheaper goods and services from China has sent the economy of the world into one of its biggest downturns in decades. The global recession has now come to an end, but not before it killed millions and left the world in a situation of economic chaos. Its been nine years since the China Syndrome first hit the world, and for the first time since the Great Depression, the world seems to be heading into something like a true depression. And just as it was with the Great Depression, a war is being waged between the two nuclear superpowers. However, the economy is not the only thing on the worlds agenda. A new global power struggle has also emerged. On one side is the United States, which is determined to remain the foremost superpower in the world, and on the other side is China. The war has now begun in earnest, and it doesnt seem to be going to a place where the two superpowers will make any kind of peace. Its clear, that the nations of the world are not going to be running around with a peace treaty the whole time. The worldThe world looks bleak, although the news about the United States, China and some other places are pretty positive. However, it still doesnt change the fact that something isnt right in the world. In fact, the world appears to be heading into a new economic depression that is going to have a huge impact on the world. The fact that the world economy has become very dependent on cheap goods from the Asian continent has caused the world economy to fall into recession. The economic recession is affecting the worlds superpower in a big way: The USA. This is because this recession has crippled most of the American economy into a halt. In fact, the US no longer can compete economically with the Asian countries. The country no longer even has enough money to pay its debts and a lot of the American economy is based on the sale of military weapons to the other powers. Now, one nation is fighting back against the war and the other is on the verge of collapse. Meanwhile, the entire world is now in a kind of free-for-all. The conflict of the two powers is going to have to be decided soon because the world is going to end in a new kind of economic depression. Lets go to the United States and give them a good kicking. But its hard to win if everyone is killing everyone. If you want us to win then you should shut the fuck up and listen to what I have to tell you.

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