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In the end, you decide to accept the fact that you are different from all the other humans and the fact that you are an outsider to the human world. You dont want to be treated like an outsiderEven if you are different you have to acknowledge that you are different from other humans, thats why you are different. You dont want to be a stranger to that sort of situation. With such thoughts as your motivation, you go back to your room and rest in peace. You dont get much sleep that night, but you sleep for at least a couple of hours. You wake up after another sleep and the next day you go to the human community. When you arrive, you find its already been cleaned up a bit. You were worried that the humans here might be more rowdy than the one where you were forced to live before, but surprisingly all the humans here were as civil as you expected. They didnt attack you out of malice. A female human asks, and the men answer in turn as well. We arent sure of anything right now either. We want to see how the case turns out too. The female human explains about what exactly happened, and the other humans nod understanding. The female human finishes and they look at you again, one of them even smiles. It is our duty to help you in all things. May we help you in any way when you need it. You nod and are about to say yes when the male human speaks up. If you want to talk to us, you will need to go to the human world and ask the Council to have us come along. So its up to you if you want to accept that as a common sense and come with us, or you can stay here and you can take your choice. You accept the invitation to go to the human worldYou go back to the human community to tell the Council that you want to go to the human world. A human Councilor listens to your request and agrees with the human women on their decision to go to the human world with you. Youre told to leave right now since the humans are leaving to go to the human world as well. You and several of the members of the human community leave the human world and return home. You and all of your family are proud of them. After that, you return to the human world and tell the Councilor about everything that happened today.

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