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THERE are multiple collectibles in The Devil in Me and one of the harder ones to find are all of Du’Met’s business cards.

They are spread out across the whole hotel, and the dark can make them particularly difficult to spot, much like the door codes.

If you find them all you will be rewarded with the Man of Many Interests achievement, so platinum hunters will need them all.

Here’s where you can find all of Du’Met’s business cards in The Devil in Me.

How many of Du’Met’s business cards are in The Devil In Me?

There are five Du’Met’s business cards hidden throughout the hotel in The Devil in Me.

You’ll need to finish the whole story in order to access every area, but to find the easiest method, read below.

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The Devil in Me’s first Du’Met business card

The first business card that can be found is hidden in the Cigarettes scene when you first play as Charlie.

Leave the room with Erin, and then follow the path. Once in the hotel corridors, take a right, then left, then left again.

You will find yourself in a small hallway, and at the end of it is the first business card lying on the floor.

The Devil in Me’s second Du’Met business card

The second card can be found in the Blood Trail scene, the second time you play as Charlie.

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It can be found in the devastated hall close to the armchair to the left of the titular blood trails.

It’s very close to the path you need to progress, so this should be easy to find.

The Devil in Me’s third Du’Met business card

The third card can be found in the Spa scene at Columbus Spa after you are separated from Kate.

You will be playing with Jamie and Mark in a pitch-black basement. Go straight and then take the last right.

The business card will be in front of you, hidden behind some furniture in your path.

The Devil in Me’s fourth Du’Met business card

After you climb down the lift as Mark as you go to the drying room, you’ll have to go around a fence to access the courtyard.

As you are doing this, the fourth card can be found on the left of the tree closest to the enlightened door.

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The Devil in Me’s fifth Du’Met business card

Playing as Mark, as soon as you access the lighthouse with Erin, you’ll find yourself in another dark basement.

Walk up the ramp of stairs to find a bedroom. The card is between the armchair and the wardrobe in front of the bed.

Written by Paolo Sirio and Georgina Young on behalf of GLHF.

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