The CPA Exam consists of four, four-hour sections: Auditing and Attestation, …

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A CPA Examiners License is an essential qualification for any position as an accountant in the United States. The CPA Examiners License is required for entry-level positions, in fact, it is required for entry-level accounting positions as well as for other positions requiring knowledge of accounting concepts and skills. A CPA Examiners License is also required for entry-level positions as a tax preparer and for other positions requiring the preparation of tax returns. Many of these positions are in small business and small self-employed businesses and the need for CPAs is high, which is why the U. Department of Treasury has made it a priority to increase the number of CPAs that provide valuable tax assistance to small businesses If you are considering becoming an accountant or tax preparer, then you need to know that to become a CPA is to be a Tax Manager. If you are considering becoming a certified public accountant you will be working as a Public Accounting Manager. These are both positions requiring a CPA License. You choose to go to a CPA OfficeYou call an accounting office that is near your new home. You cant believe you couldnt find one near your new job. You call a local accounting office and you are able to get a person immediately. The person that answers the phone says that they have a limited number of people that have the CPA License and they are able to get you the exam in one hour. You ask the person who is speaking if you could get a copy of the exam. They say yes, you just need to have the name and number, they dont care where you live. You say Well let me think about it then. The first thing you do is to call another business and see what they have. You call a grocery store, they have a CPA Exam, they say you will need to be prepared to take the exam at your place and they can arrange for the exam to be taken. You ask if the CPA Exam can be taken online. They say yes and you need to know your location in the U. The person on the phone asks where you live and you write it down. They say you should be able to get the Exam in one hour. They ask if you want to take the exam online. You say I would prefer to get the exam by phone, but sure I guess I can take it online. As the exam is being conducted you are still a little uncertain about this. You have heard about the CPA Exam, so in some small part you are hoping that maybe this will be a pleasant way for you to prepare for it.

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