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What this will mean in the short term is uncertain, but there is an undeniable opportunity here. If the government is willing to provide a better and more centralized government, perhaps it would be best if the American people were to be given less than they currently have. The people would no longer need to be at war with a foreign enemy or worry about foreign threats. You dont care what this will do to the United States government, you want whats best for the peopleThe people might not be sure what this all means, and they might think something is amiss, but whats done is done and people have an instinct for survival. This is a situation that could lead to a better world, if the people are willing to work together. You cant wait to show off the results of your revolution to everyone. Year 26, Year of the Fox, The first few days of the revolution werent all that peaceful either. You cant just take whats mine. You shout as a soldier stands over you with his gun drawn. He shouts, pulling the trigger and you barely manage to dodge it. The gun goes off and youre hit in the shoulder. You barely make a sound, though you do see that the soldier is not the only one. As the sound of the gun goes off and you stumble to your feet you see the other soldiers surrounding you. You shout, drawing your own weapon. Youre a fucking criminal, and we will fucking shoot you. You already shot the man, I brought you here. Instead, one of them reaches for his sidearm and looks at you, but doesnt take it out. You take a cautious step back, but the two soldiers dont even look at you. You slowly approach with your gun raised. You shootYou slowly take a step forward, and then take a shot. The bullet hits one of the soldiers in the head, and he falls forward. Another one begins shooting at you, but you easily dodge them. You dont know if they thought the first one was you, or what. You fire at yet another, but this one manages to shoot you. You fall to the ground with a heavy thud, and you look up to see a soldier pointing a gun directly at you. When he fires, you hear a loud pop, and a bright flash of light hits your face and right side of.

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