The civil rights movement in the United States is a decades-long …

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I think it will be a very, very, very, very hard thing for Democrats to say, Oh, we have to support President Obama because hes black, because hes been elected by black people. Its a very, very, very hard thing to say. And its a very, very, very hard thing to do, said the Democratic insider. Its not that the Democrats will lose votes from blacks when they say they support Obama, the Democratic insider said. They wont because black voters will understand that this is all about Obama, not about race. But Democrats support of President Obama wont be enough to save Obama from the same fate that befell former President Bill Clinton in the 1994 midterm elections. I think the real problem and thats what were really facing with the President is the same problem that we faced in 1994 with Bill Clinton, the Democratic insider said. A Clinton supporter said to this person, I can understand why Democrats would be upset. Its been seven years and they had a great opportunity to move on and they have not and they continue to have an image problem. The Democrats cant do much about their image problem, the Clinton supporter said. They will continue to have a problem with being seen as too centrist or too liberal. So, he concluded, the problem is with the President being black and his agenda being on civil rights. They need to stop being so arrogant and they need to realize that people are tired of this, he said. That includes the president and, you know, the other candidates on the other side. But the other side wont be able to change the Presidents image any more than the Clintons could, he said. I dont see how you can get away from the Clinton brand and the Clintons, he said. They have been successful and they know how to run a campaign. And they have done a good job of using that to their advantage. The Democrats could be forgiven if they were discouraged by the polls of the midterms. But its not like they wont be back in 2016 and theres no reason to expect a different result. That said, they could start campaigning for black and Hispanic Americans even more than they have been doing in the last few months.

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