The bills were first printed in December 1999…

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Orwell were at the time undergoing an annual recessional meeting. As soon as the receipts were printed, Minister Morneau and Governor Orwell went to a meeting room in the State Building. When they receiving their pay, they were both to return to their special areas. After that, they were supposed to make their report to their respective subordinates. Minister Morneau and Governor Orwell have been receiving their pay after the report as well. Thats pretty typical of all government spending, Im told. And since when does this government pay its bills in bills, I wonder. In fact, I wonder why we even need a government to begin with. Ive thought a lot about that lately with the situation I find myself in. The people have been nice enough to bring me into this world, provided they havent killed me already, but Ive been doing a lot of thinking over the last few months about how Im getting by. I had enough money to get this truck working again, but I have no money to keep this truck and get back on my feet. I could try to make a new one, but Im not the best carpenter so it looks like my truck is toast for the foreseeable future. I could try to sell the truck, but I could really.

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