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This-roomba sa speed will improve with time if its taken care of. The robot vacuum is the only one thats good enough for my mother. With this in mind, you have decided to test your idea to the world. Your task is to find the robot vacuum that would be a perfect match for your mother, as if youre not a perfect match, no one else will be. Youll have to go on adventures, solve riddles, and work your way through tons of tests. The biggest challenge is finding a robot vacuum that will clean up dust while not being ridiculously expensive. You look for a robot vacuum that is perfect for the environmentThe robot vacuum must look cleaner than that one. You say to yourself as you walk around the house looking for the closest, though you dont find one. I have to be able to look at my mother without having a headache. The robot vacuum you had in mind will have to be small enough to bring back to the lab in the evening so the scientists can test it in the morning. You decide that since you have no idea what any of the tests are doing, youll just check out all the rooms on the first floor of your house. Ill have to clean up all that dust in the garage. You think as you look at everything you could find that seems dirt free. Soon you find that most of the house is clean, though you still find piles of dust in the living room and the basement. The robot vacuum must have had a dust collection system that just didnt work well or you, for some reason, dont like dust. You then notice that most of the dust has moved to the roof too, which means you probably wouldnt be cleaning it in the morning. Now that youve found the robot vacuum you want, theres only one thing left to do. You enter the basement and check the basementAs soon as you enter the basement, you notice that the dust in the garage has disappeared.

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