The Apprentice star Lord Alan Sugar makes over £1m a day – how he made his fortune

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Last year, it was reported that The Apprentice star paid himself an astonishing £390million, equivalent to more than £1million per day. The amount he received was disclosed as a dividend in accounts filed last week for his holding company, Amshold Ltd.

The dividend is not based on the company’s performance over the past year, but on previous successes.

Amshold Group Limited is Alan Sugar’s private holding company.

The company is responsible for all of Lord Sugar’s private companies and companies formed in partnership with him as a result of the BBC show The Apprentice.

Winners of the show receive an investment of £250,000.

Amshold’s principal activities are described as ‘property trading and investment’ as well as ‘the provision of management services’.

A note in the accounts also mentions ‘media activities’.

It returned a £47million pre-tax profit on turnover of £79million in the year to last June.

The group held £271million worth of investment property at the date the accounts were filed.

Total staff costs were recorded as £2.6million, of which £502,000 went to the highest-paid director.

The dividend makes Lord Sugar one of the world’s best-paid bosses.

Lord Sugar talks about his business journey, and how he became a successful entrepreneur, in his autobiography What You See is What You Get.

He gave advice on how people can learn from his entrepreneurial success.

He explained that opportunities aren’t always handed to people.

The successful people are the doers, who work on achieving their dreams and making them come true, he said.

Another thing that helped him gain the success was having enough experience.

He said he became a billionaire by gaining valuable work experiences, working hard, and dedicating himself for the path of success.

The businessman added: “It doesn’t matter which business school you go to or what books you read. You can’t go into Boots and buy a bottle of entrepreneurial juice.”

Lord Sugar suggested people create business in an industry they love.

He added: “Love what you do and do what you love, otherwise you will become unhappy and self-defeating.”

People should create a business that they are passionate about and pursue a job that they enjoy.

In his book, he said that he was able to achieve greatness” as he had the “entrepreneurial spirit”.

He said: “An entrepreneurial spirit is something that you are born with. It resides off with you and it’s sparked off ideas that come about the various situations you find yourself in.”

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