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If there is any doubt in any of the information provided, please request the additional information from the course registrar. If you have already registered for the course, check the date of the course you have registered for and check the dates of all subsequent courses. If there are any problems with the course as described on this web page, please check the course website for any problems. The registration system is the same as for all other first years. Students who have registered, but do not have access to their password, should contact the faculty member via the contact form. The faculty member will then email the new password to you via the email address on your registration. Please be sure to update your registration information. Please ensure you have the correct registration code for CS-101. Students are encouraged to keep their registration information up-to-date in myUCSC. The Registrars Office:Room 4105UCSD732 Cabrillo Hall, Room 4065Office hours:Monday-Friday, 8:30 a. On the third Monday of the semester following registration date, MOSCOW Its been a tumultuous year for Dmitry Medvedev, who took over the presidency with a promise to bring a new era of stability following a string of high-profile scandals. Now his government is trying to get his economy moving again by reviving the countrys moribund economy. Medvedev, the last five months have been the most eventful in the Russian presidency since Vladimir V. Putin was elected as president in 2008, and perhaps ever. The prime minister has led Russia through several crises in which Russia was forced to suspend its economy and trade with Western countries, which had been important sources of its income. Medvedev made waves when he signed legislation to make it easier for foreign companies to buy Russian assets. The move came after the new Western sanctions on Russia were introduced, which also banned the development of technology to make weapons systems that could reach targets far beyond the Russian border.

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