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The worlds oldest and only university for thelearning oftechnologies. There are thousands of trees all around Mount Allison with the sky being the only thing missing. The sun shines down on Mount Allison with great power and warmth. You havent seen the light of any knowledge for years. You have no idea what you are going to study or even what you are going to become. Youve been wandering aimlessly for years now and still dont know anything. You find that being alone can be very lonely. You dont know why everyone in school has a different opinion on something. You dont know why there are so many different opinions on a single subject. Even the teachers dont have a universal opinion on everything. You think for a moment about what you wanted to do with your life and then go back to staring off into the sky. So you spend another boring day of being alone and staring off into the sky. The only people in your life are yourself, your dog Gogo, and some of your other people that you play with in the park. One bright sunny day, you look at the sky and marvel at the lights. You never thought it would be possible to see so much light from such a small place, but this is a wonderful day indeed. You realize it is a good day to have some fun, so you go into town and find something to do. You look around for something fun to do, but you dont find anything fun to do. Every day you dont do something fun is another day that you didnt have fun. You look around and you see nothing interesting, so you decide to just explore the town a bit. You head outside and explore the town a bit, but it doesnt seem like there is anything to do here.

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