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China-s media is full of anger at this election result and claims that it must have been a fraud. The public opinion is not exactly favorable of Tsai either. In any case, when you take a closer look into the real reasons behind this election result, you conclude that the main reason why Tsai prevailed was because her party has a good organization and she managed to sway most of her supporters towards her. However, you still feel that this election was not fair and that the result is still not correct. The Taiwan election is very important and you do not mind a good and honest debate on this matter. However, the question that arises before you is: how will you deal with the rest of the political parties that will be competing in the political elections to come. You start your own political partyYou decide that you need to do a lot of things to make sure that this election that happened was also the first step in building a new political party that can fight for the right things in the future. First of all, you decide to create a new political party. You do NOT want to stay within a political organization. You do NOT want to stay within any other organization. You will have your own party and YOU will make all the decisions. You decide to create a party that is not only for a future United Republic for Taiwan, but also for a future United States of Taiwan, and for a future independent Taiwan. You figure that what you have to do is start a political party in order to have control over this future. However, you have no idea what to do, so you do not even ask anyone else for advice. You simply start your own political party. People in your social circles say:Yeah, I do the same thing. You need to find a nameThat is a good idea. However,No, I just want to have an idea that is not influenced by other parties. You go to your roomYou go to your room and look through your notebook in order to work out the name of your new political party. You come up with a few names that do not quite fit and then finally decide on a name for your United Peoples Party. You think on what name to give your political party, you think on how to give it a proper name, and you think about how you should pronounce your new party name. Re not sure if you should keep working on deciding it or not. You take a breakYou go to the bathroom and take a break from deciding anything. For some reason the idea that you will become a politician is appealing in a weird way.

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