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A lot of these things mean a lot to you. You save themIts the only way to not lose half your family and friends in this mess. The three of you manage to get aboard the Falcon with ease. You get past the gate and youre on your way. The Falcon slows down to about a tenth of a the speed of light. The gap is so wide and infinite, its impossible to see. It is so big, you cant even see the end of it. Lets go fly through this giant fucking wormhole together. The two of you slowly get to your feet and stand on the edge of a vast gulf. Tess steps onto the edge and starts walking forward, you follow her. You begin walking with TessIm doing it too. You and Tess walk over to the edge of the portal together. The pair of you stand on the edge and begin walking forward. Your toes slowly float over the edge. You can see the other side of the portal ahead of you. As you and Tess walk you begin laughing. You smile and then start laughing even more. You feel like its the funnest thing in the world, and yet it makes no sense. I dont know, I just have to be patient and wait it out, you just have to be patient and walk with me. The two of you walk through the portal to a completely black void. There is nothing you can see, not even light. You can feel something behind you, but there is no light to be seen. It is then that you begin to realize you have passed through another barrier of the same kind that youve passed through before. Its so big, theres no way you could see it all with just your five senses I guess I should start explaining it to you. The two of you stand there in silence for a while. You can feel that something is going on, it isnt just a simple passage through the universe. You begin to feel very, very small.

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