Terrys day in court ends with bloodshed and more confusion than …

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The kids arrest theirselfs and they say they weren-t going to kill Terry, they were going to kill someb else. They re greeted with the tears of joyous angels. I suppose I should just enjoy and not care. The rest of my family are going to be here until tomorrow evening, and even then Im not sure if theyll listen to me at this point. In any case I should try to have a good nights sleep and the rest of my family will be more than willing to help me. The rest of your family leave you alone as you lie down your bed and close your eyes. For some strange reason there is a lull in the sounds of the city. You dont know if its the night guards patrolling or if there is a lull in the fighting or maybe its both. As the years pass by you have a few more successes and failures. Youve learned a lot about war and death so far and you still want to join up someday. One day it comes and you are going to a small militia company in the outskirts of the war torn countryside. Youll still be doing grunt work and killing some people, but at least youll be doing it officially. Youve been a trooper now for about a year, and youve gotten used to life on the road. Youll always remember your first real day on the job though. It was a bright sunny day, but on this particular patrol you werent going to be on the road. You were going to be on the other side of the county where the fighting most likely isnt as bad. You rode your horse as usual, and as you approached a small bridge that looked like it shouldnt be able to be crossed. The cries of terror keep getting louder and louder, and as you get closer it makes you think there is going to be a massacre at the bridge. You say annoyed that she still thinks it was three days ago. The woman looks up toward the bridge and looks like there may be people running away or already dead by the time you come up over the bridge.

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