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The others are busy making a quick trip to Mars and back. D like you to come too and help me with a plan to free the ship. M not expecting you to get in the way of them. You get to your position by the end of the day and the rest of the project is pretty straight forward. You and the others will make the trip in a small shuttle with the ability to fire on the ground to raise the shields. T mind the small shuttle though because you figure the chance of it coming under direct attack is pretty low if you use a big one. S talk of how you all might even be together again before the time runs out. S a silly idea; you would know each other so well no matter where you were in the galaxy due to the constant communication back and forth. You all have to work together as a team in a desperate situation so you all do so, and then you all leave together to Mars with the shuttle. You leave and go to MarsYou leave with all the others, and not long after your shuttle departs, you all see something out of the corner of your eye when you look out the small window. T quite make it out due to it being the distance, but it looks like a large, bright light in the distance. T realize it at first, but the planet is actually not in the brightest part of the sky. The sun would probably burn out the Martian atmosphere by the time it would make it back. The group is silent as you all look out the window. Re supposed to wait until we get back home.

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