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You continue talking about your day as you talk with the girl. S the middle of the day when I tell you how I got here. I felt pretty safe after my last trip here. But then, I saw a light go on as soon as I entered the building. Then the elevator doors opened up and I was in the basement floor of some big lab. Ve been taking notes on things in this location from the bottom floor. M just not sure how to execute yet. Wait, did you say you wanted to talk to my doctor. At this point the girl runs off and you get off your bed, make your way to the elevator and press the button. S a button on the outside that opens up a hatch on the top of the elevator. You look out the hatch and see that the elevator is about the same height as you so you jump down down into the elevator shaft. You enter the lab through the hatch and you quickly run down and out of the lab so you can get away from the building as fast as possible, before Dr. M at the goddamn mercy of some insane teenager. You think as you run down the tunnel past a bunch of other strange things that are happening all around you.

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