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You find that the more you play these games the more excited about the world and the people you meet that you get. In fact, your class is so fun you find yourself wanting to play more even when it isnt your turn to speak. Year 19The year is one of economic depression and the Zalan Empire continues to be at war with the neighboring Kingdom of Nuro. The former has been an independent Republic ever since you defeated their king. The latter is now effectively a province of Nuro and a part of the Zalan Empire. The people of Nuro are a combination of the barbarian, tribal and neverending nomadic nature. The city of Nuro is not the main power base of the nation though it is home to the aristocracy and the governing body of the nation. The city is a large complex of buildings, some of them of older construction and some of newer, but all containing a large population. The buildings have been arranged in a maze like manner around the city so that anyone wandering through the city can not know where they are, since a large amount of them are identical to each other. You point out to the class and a young man with long black hair and a scarred face says to you. M just not really into tug of war. This game is just not exciting enough for me. Actually I was in charge of the game assignment last time I was here, remember. Yes, I believe we all won some prize, but the losers got to continue on. T up to snuff, you can always transfer.

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