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The education requirements for Link You choose to enter the industry Ill just get a job in IT support, and leave in a year. The computer tech at the counter is clearly taken back by your choice of words. But, we dont have much support for low-level support. Im sure you can find something The tech says, though his eyes are already darting over to the other computer screens on the wall. You look and see another computer, this one with a different name on it. My names Samantha, and Im looking for a job with an academic institution. You enter the website that the computer has been referring to You open up the website and enter the name of the type youre interested in, which in this case is the career field. After entering your information, a list of careers comes up. You then click on the Academic Institution list. You have selected to search for positions in the Academic Field within the university of. The computer says as if it doesnt even know you dont like typing. You ignore his attempts at speech and read the job description. It seems you have been given a job at the school. You think you need to try to learn more, but the computer seems to be ignoring you. The School: You need to get certified before you can start working there. You check the Certification Process I need to go through the certification process you say. I should probably take that before I start working here. This is a very intensive process, even in the field of computer science. You need to take courses in many different subjects and study on your own time. If you dont take the classes and study the hours, you wont be able to pass the test. I heard that a professor at my school, but its been almost six months since my classes ended. Ive been trying to take the classes, but I need to study with a certified instructor. Ive already spent a couple hundred dollars on it. Youll have to start from the beginning if you would like to take the certification. Thats the initial cost to get certified, but your tuition to the university.

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