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Derivatives of words, are terms, such, that are not used to measure the performance. As the title of the article says, the performance of this vehicle was not good at all. It just goes to show how much a small change can turn something from good to bad. What was really going on here if you knew anything about the road conditions you would have just made a u-turn to the other direction the night before and kept going straight for a more scenic drive. This vehicle really wasnt going to make it through that bad of a stretch and the tires are going to need replacing in a month or more and there is nothing this poor man can do about it except have to get a new set of tires. But this is no fault of the people that worked on this vehicle and that it was a great success. They did a wonderful job and the results are as expected. In the meantime, this vehicle will have to be stored for what ever length of time you decide to give it before it needs to be put into service again where it belongs or sold because there isnt much left of it left to the point that one would need to keep using the vehicle for years and years just to provide for the family. Dont you feel like such a thing is right when youre having such a bad day. Its so upsetting that you cant even drive that vehicle. This is just like the whole day its been since you decided to take up auto mechanic shop work. And your day is over as far as work is concerned too. You have had three days off this week and you havent even been able to do a single thing. You can feel your stress levels rising just thinking about it. After spending so much time in the past day thinking about your stress related problems, you decide to try and relax. You relax with a game of ScrabbleYou close your eyes and take some deep breaths as you continue to lie on your back in your bedroom. You notice you havent slept, you are sure your mind is racing a mile a minute, but something calms you down and you really need it right now. You dont want to stress about it for long, youve got to make your decision. You really dont want to play Scrabble right now, you actually hate it. You are probably going to have to sit here and think about it for sometime. You are just playing a game, just to relax. Youll get to work tomorrow and get your mind off it all.

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