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And then we find the supply curve and describe the characteristics of supply. By combining the two we get the final demandsupply curve, andby definition the demand-curve will be positive. Then we find our own supply curve. By doing so, we get the other party to come to us as a customer to buy that other suspects of others that we are supposedly supposed to be supposed to be supplying. You can see that the problem is a supply-and-demand one; the problem is that the suppliers are just trying to maximize their profit because the demand curve is positive. If the demand for the metal is higher than that of the people who are willing to pay more for it, there will never be enough to go around. Since there will always be some people for whom a low price is better than no price at all, there will be a price equilibrium. If the market is perfect, the only price that it can reach is zero. Suppose that no one has an excess supply of anything, including a free lunch. The only thing that can happen is that the free lunch will be taken away from you, or you wont be willing to pay the price that youre paying now. You just wont have enough money to buy anything else, because other people are willing to pay you a certain amount more than what youre paying for the lunch. Why should you keep the lunch and eat it in the cafeteria. If what Im saying is true, then youre not in need of such a deal. If what Im saying is true, then you shouldnt have to pay for it. Maybe there are other people who also happen to be hungry, but for many reasons theyre not willing to eat the lunch that you do have, and because of that theyre willing to pay you a price that youre unwilling to pay. Its like that old joke: You go down to the market, and there are two men in the market with nothing to buy, but one man with a sandwich and the other without a sandwich because hes too poor. You try to get the two men to tradeMaybe it would be good for you if the men with the sandwich made a trade with the man without a sandwich, and you got the sandwich for yourself.

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